Sunday, October 24, 2010

Windows Phone 7? What's that? Do we need this?

So, what's the purpose of the new type of mobile phone? Don't we have enough phones on the phone market? Does somebody loves to get used to new mobile phone? What the hell?

We already have a lot of phones which fits our purposes very well. We have this nice iPhone with a huge amount of apps. We have "Google phone" for those who is not addicted to Apple's production. All this Simbian, RIM, Windows Mobile ... Oh, god of the mobile phone market, tell me please if there is a room for the one more phone and a mobile OS?

Actually if I wanted to produce a one more new mobile phone, I would thought about questions above. I'm not sure  I would decided whether to go on. But! But not Microsoft! I don't think the main idea is that they want grab a pice of the mobile market cake. The matter is that these guys are really concerned about their primary products which are Office and Windows.

People don't like to learn new things. That's why one who is familiar with Windows it is more likely easer to get familiar with Windows Phone and vise versa. Oh yeah, I'm sure - that's the point! (Instead of Windows I'd better say "Xbox" )

Why they think people will buy their new mobile phone?(To be honest - previous concept of phones based on Windows was terrible)

First of all Windows Phone 7 is a different kind of a phone. Steve Ballmer said that this phone is not about WHAT you gonna do with the phone but HOW you gonna do it.
We focused on the people who wants to use their phone when they are on the go. We wonna let you GET IN... OUT and back to life.
You can watch a presentation where Steve and the other guys show advantages of this phone (give me back a link where I could watch disadvantages).  To be briefly there are two key points about this phone:
  • Always delightful
  • Wonderfully mine
It's really a very user oriented phone. To simplify user experience with phone they invented HUBS where all the connected information are situated.

It is very personal phone. You can put people you care about right on the main screen and so on.

Also, the way its camera works is very impressive. Do you happend to see something interesting and exciting and want make a picture of that but the time you need to get your phone camera ready is too long and ... you are late... or too late. It is all due to this time consuming actions you need perform - to switch the camera on, wait when it is run and so on. Windows Phone 7 can surprise you because it's camera works immediatly. What you need is to take your phone and push the button! So... realy delightful, huh?

What I liked about this phone is the possibility to create games for this phone using XNA and to sell them on the marketplace.

P.S.: I bet now Ballmer will destroy every iPhone he will find in Microsoft :)

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