Sunday, December 19, 2010

AR accelerometer emulator

Here is an interesting solution to force Windows Phone 7 emulator to support accelerometer input.
Today almost all mobile phones have an accelerometer on board. It is very useful to be able to get a current device orientation, an acceleration and many other things. It goes without saying you can invent many useful cases of this feature in your application or in a game. Actually the Windows Phone 7 emulator doesn't support this accelerometer functionality. What a pity! But take a look at that

As you see there is a delightful solution to emulate the accelerometer sensor! Many thanks to tainicom for their accelKit. As it is told on their web site
accelKit utilizes the webcam and ARToolkit to emulate the Accelerometer Sensor and feed that data into to the WP7 emulator through a Web Server.
(I'm sure everybody knows about augmented reality. The ARToolkit is a library that allows creation of augmented reality applications. )

Let's get the Windows Phone 7 emulator accelerometer sensor supported.
Steps you need to perform and samples, you can get here. Have fun!

UPD: here is an XNA test app, which is actually a modified example from Adam Dawes book

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